Research Update: Final Call!


NOTE: Not my actual desk. My desk is a graveyard of green juice, paper and handwritten notes to myself. This picture is from 

It’s been a wild ride, this collection of data. I’ve interviewed some of the most inspiring, incredible and wise women writers of SVoD series. I’ve travelled to Los Angeles and sat across tables from people I could never have imagined I would one day meet and have the opportunity to have these conversations with. I’ve learned a lot, I’ve written a lot, I’ve thought a lot, and now it’s time to get this thesis written and put all of this information into one big, heavy document.

But – I’m greedy. I want more knowledge. I want more perspectives and I want to know more about HOW writers are hired from the perspective of the people who make those hiring decisions. I want to get as much as possible into this thesis, which will form the basis for a greater body of work focusing on equality in television for women, people of colour, those from working class backgrounds, those with disabilities…

So if you are the person who HIRES WRITERS FOR STREAMING SERIES – please get in touch. If you are a woman writer who has something to say about what it’s like doing your job and being in this industry – GET IN TOUCH.

I’m so grateful for everything and everyone I’ve already been able to learn (from). Help me make this thesis the most cohesive and detailed account of the experience of women writers that’s been published.

Yours Sincerely,

A Very Tired PhD Student.


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