2013: jkirbyproductions – BRB

BRB DVD Press Image DVD Size TIF1“The writing of this piece is deft; switching between funny, sweet and bitchy scenes of kids in their late teens discovering who they are in small town Ireland and heavier internal monologues which make up some of the play’s more powerful moments.”

BRB is a play about four teenagers navigating issues of sexuality, identity, relationships and self-acceptance during their final year of secondary school in a small town.

 “It’s not a party ’til someone’s crying in the bathroom.”

Featuring a young Irish cast, BRB is a (sometimes dark and sometimes funny) snapshot of the lives of teenagers today.

LISTEN to Kirsten Stoddart on Dublin City FM’S GTalk Show, May 7th, 2013

WATCH  ’2 min with BRB’ on Vimeo